Dodgers: New Rule Change Will Affect Fan Experience At Dodger Stadium

With a new limit on how long songs are allowed to be played, the rule could change more things than some fans expect.

Dodger Stadium has a history of having fun with their choice of music during the game including walk-up songs, music between pitchers, and also all-things involving the fan-favorite organist, Dieter Ruehle. 

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However, on Thursday, a few new rules and changes were finally made official and are set to be implemented into the 2023 baseball season. 

Some of the major changes include a pitch clock, bigger bases, a ban on the shift, and now, a limit (or maybe a warning if taken with a grain of salt) to how long music can be played out.

Dodgers Insider, Fabian Ardaya shared his opinion by “booing” the new rule which reads: 

“The length of batter walk-up music cannot exceed 10 seconds. Music between pitches is to be limited so hitters aren’t encouraged to leave the box.”

The word “limit” is what brings concern. 

Is “limited” just code for “completely eliminated” or can LA get away with twisting the rules?

Imagine a world without the build-up for Let It Go when Kimbrel takes the mound. And we all know just how important that song has been for his late-inning appearances.

While many people shared that they are unhappy with the new limit, some immediately began to worry about what that meant for the infamous Dodger Stadium organist, Dieter Ruehle. 

The organ music at Dodger Stadium has been a part of the game experience ever since the organ was installed in 1972, from Donna Parker to Helen Dell to Nancy Bea Hefley to finally to Dieter Ruehle. We won’t be losing that special piece of the Stadium entirely. 

Ruehle’s music between batters is most likely safe for now including “Hit the Road, Jack” after a Carlos Correa strikeout or “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme after the Padres let a routine infield popup drop.

The music genius knows how to make the game more fun for fans by adding the right music in the right moment that — if you’re paying attention — will put a smile on your face or even leave you laughing.

Some even make a game out of it and one person made a full-blown Twitter account out of it!

This season might be the last we see Dodger Stadium have full freedom with the music unless Ruehle pushes the limits as much as he’s able to, maybe getting in trouble a few times for the sake of his Dodgers fans. But I say it’s worth it. 

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