Dodgers: Former Dodgers Word Series Champion Aj Pollock Hits Baseball Milestone

Former Dodgers outfielder Aj Pollock has had the longevity of a baseball career that many can only dream of having

Making it to the MLB is already a huge milestone of its own. For Chicago White Sox outfielder Aj Pollock, who spent three seasons with the Dodgers from 2019-2021, hit a baseball milestone as he entered his 11th season in the league. 

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Pollock spent three seasons with the Dodgers racking up 51 home runs with a .280 batting average. Pollock was also apart of the 2020 World Series champion team. 

Pollock spent most of his playing days with the Diamondbacks where he played for seven seasons and got his only All-Star appearance in 2015 with 20 home runs, 111 RBI’s and won a Golden Glove award. 

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Although his time with the Dodgers was short, his impact among his teammates echoed after he was traded for Craig Kimbrel, someone who has been circulating around Dodgers media for the headaches he has been giving

Justin Turner did not hold back his thoughts on Pollock being shipped away, even reiterating how “sick to his stomach” he felt and also feeling worse about not being able to properly give him a goodbye. 

Pollock left a lasting mark in the Dodgers locker room and with his longevity in the league, it’s no question the two correlate. Pollock is now with this third team since entering the league and nine home runs with 43 RBI’s on a .237 batting average. 

Pollock is missed in the organization, but it brings a warm heart to the organization knowing Pollock has been able to define the odds and remain in the league for over a decade. 

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