2022 Dodgers are Terrorizing Opponents Even Away from Dodgers Stadium

Even on the road, the Dodgers are tormenting their opponents and their fans and are on pace to break their own record.

Winning in the MLB isn’t easy, winning on the road is a whole different animal. It’s you versus your opponent and the crowd, the crowd goes crazy and jeers at you any chance you get.

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That is unless you’re the Dodgers and are too good to even worry about being in a different stadium and city.

LA is just as good away as they are at home (45-16 at home). The boys in blue on the road are 42-21 and no matter where they player, more times than not they’re breaking the hearts of their opponent and fans.

They still have some work to do to catch up to their record away winning percentage from 2020, but if August has taught us anything is that the Dodgers just win, win, win no matter what. 

The Dodger fans travel so well that sometimes it feels like a home. In almost every stadium in the country you see a group of Dodger fans here and there (especially in SF, SD and Angel Stadium). Dodger fans no how to travel, but that’s besides the point.

Currently in the month of August the Dodgers are 15-5 in their last 20 road games and LA has beaten their opponents by at least two-runs in 13 of their 15 wins.

To win the World Series all great teams must be able to win on the road, the Dodgers however just take it to new heights and continue to break records. If LA can continue this dominance in October, they’ll be on their way to have a parade and lift up the commissioners’ trophy. 

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