Dodgers: A couple of MLB Experts React Poorly to Clayton Kershaw’s Injury

Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw has some doubters after injuring his lower back.

Clayton Kershaw has already missed a bulk of this season on the Injured List due to a back and hip injury. Since coming off of the IL, he has been fantastic for the Dodgers. Yet, Kershaw is on the IL for the second time this season, this time with pain in his lower back that he felt during his shortened last outing.

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Kershaw has received an epidural injection in his back but has yet to resume any kind of throwing. That’s not good news as it could mean several missed weeks for the star pitcher.

Should we all be concerned? Two people definitely think so. On a recent episode of the Baseball Tonight podcast with Buster Olney and Karl Ravech, the two discussed Kershaw’s injury, with Ravech believing it’s a big “red flag.”

“Red flag. There’s nothing worse than seeing an older, veteran guy walk off the field. It’s not necessarily an elbow or a shoulder, but it’s something with age, a bad back. That’s what you associate with age. They are just things that don’t necessarily heal very quickly…it’s a red flag. I’m real worried. I’m sure he is. I’m sure the Dodgers are because this is something we’ve seen.” 

Olney added to the topic, bringing up Kershaw’s prior injury history and age. 

“I think going forward, he’s just at the age, he’s got the injury history, you just assume nothing in terms of what he’s going to bring.”

The Dodgers will have to wait and see what happens. They have the luxury of holding him out to heal as they have a nice lead in the division. Getting him healthy and ready for the postseason should be the goal.

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