Dodgers News: Fan Submit Five Word Tributes to Honor the Late Vin Scully

Dodgers fans provided five words that they believe best describe Vin Scully, the voice of summer.

Twitter isn’t always a shining example of humanity, but in the wake of the passing of Vin Scully, fans have come together to honor the legend over the last couple days. Fans have cried together, shared personal stories, and discussed their favorite memories of Vin. Los Angeles is a big place and it’s rare that an entire group can find common ground on anything.

But therein lies the power of Vin Scully.

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One thing is clear: Vin Scully was the greatest to ever do it. Fans were asked to provide five words or less to describe Vin, and the feedback was awesome.

The quote is fitting. Everyone loved and adored Vin like a family member, despite never meeting him in person. 

The magic words of Vin will reverberate for decades to come, as they did for decades before. 

Hard to argue Vin’s GOAT status.

Another well-put tribute.

The voice of Los Angeles is a great way to put it. Scully was summer, Dodgers baseball, and the city of Los Angeles, all at once, all the time.

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