Dodgers Rumors: LA Rival Reportedly in On Luis Castillo Sweepstakes

The New York Yankees, along with the Dodgers and several other contenders, are in the mix for Reds starter Luis Castillo.

With the Major league baseball trade deadline now less than two weeks away, teams that are looking to make a major push for the postseason will be scouring the market for players to improve their chances.

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After losing guys like Walker Buehler and Andrew Heaney to injury, it seemed that the Dodgers, out of necessity, would be involved in the starting pitcher market. Although Heaney will be returning soon, the Dodgers still find themselves in need of a starting pitcher. Luis Castillo has been one of the names at the top of their list.

Castillo might be the prized target around the league this trade deadline and that means the Dodgers will have to compete with some other big market teams looking to acquire the superstar pitcher. One of the teams, as it turns out, is the Houston A*tros. Sure, they’re not in the division or league, but they’re still a “rival”. Many Dodgers fans still have nothing good to say about the A*tros and them being in on one of the LA trade targets sure seems to have sparked some feelings on the internet.

Across 13 starts, Castillo has posted a 2.77 ERA and has shown the ability to go deep into games. If he did join the LA ball club, and with a few key players like Dustin May also returning from injury, the rotation would be in a great place going into october. 

Dodgers in Talks With Reds to Trade For Luis Castillo, Yankees, Astros Battling For Luis Castillo

While the Dodgers currently carry a large lead in the west, it’s only a little over halfway through the season and as fans are well aware, anything can happen, injury or otherwise, between now and the postseason. It’s best to stock up. 

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