Dodgers News: Ross Stripling and Clayton Kershaw Discuss Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax

For many fans, it may the first time in a while they’ve heard or seen the name Ross Stripling. The former Dodger was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays last season due the insane depth that the team had. While it was a heartbreaking move for the fanbase, especially since he didn’t get to experience winning a World Series, listening to his Big Swing podcast was a way to keep up with him.

However, the podcast has been on hold as of late since Stripling is busy pitching for the Blue Jays with the start of the new season. In the meantime, Ross has launched a brand new podcast called GOATS: On the Bump, where he will sit down with modern day big league pitchers and discuss the All-time greats of the past. The first of a ten part series kicked off in a big way as former teammate and World Champion Clayton Kershaw sat down with Stripling to discuss Dodger Legend Sandy Koufax.

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The two exchanged stories of their interactions with the Hall of Fame pitcher such as his advice to them about changing their grip on their curveballs. Kershaw brought up his story by asking if Ross had seen his hands.

“Have you ever seen Sandy’s hands wrapped around a baseball? He’s like ‘Hey, well, you should really try this with your curveball.’ And his middle finger and his thumb are touching on the other side of the baseball. I’m like, ‘Sandy, I can’t do that. My hands are normal-sized. I can’t do that.’ That big of a hand can make a curveball do some crazy things.”

Chicken Strip responded with: 

“I mean, he doesn’t have hands. He has paws.”

After sharing their respective stories about Koufax, the topic then shifted to Kershaw himself. Clayton spoke on the story of he he came to throw his iconic slider. There’s just so much history and stories within the episode of Strip’s podcast that would fill any baseball or Dodger fan with excitement.

Catch the rest of the stories on the GOATS: On the Bump podcast.

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