Dodgers News: Alanna Rizzo Announces Her Departure From the Dodgers

For almost a decade, Dodger fans couldn’t turn on the televisions or radios and not hear from Alanna Rizzo. You would hear from her before, throughout, and even after the game as she gave us the insight behind the scenes or postgame interviews with clutch players. However, after seven years together, Rizzo announced that her time has come to move on from an opportunity she called “nothing short of magical.”

In a letter, she released on Twitter, Rizzo thanks everyone in the Dodgers organization, from Stan Kasten to Vin Scully. She also talks about how she almost didn’t take the job of becoming the host and reporter for SportsNetLA back in 2013 to now having to make the difficult decision to step away. Lastly, she thanked Dodger fans for welcoming her into Dodger Nation and their homes. 

Alanna isn’t retiring from her field of work but has decided for once to put her personal life ahead of her professional one. For someone who has worked so hard and has traveled nearly everywhere with the Dodgers, her decision has been earned. With her time away from the sport, Rizzo will most likely spend more time with her Guidry’s Guardian Foundation, which she founded. The foundation is committed to helping animals in shelters and the streets get the assistance they need.

A true professional in her one of work, Rizzo will surely be missed. We wish nothing but the best for Alanna as she starts this new chapter of her life!

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Adam Salcido

“That is the way this game is -- you win, you lose, you celebrate and you suffer.” -- Vin Scully
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