Rams News: Rams COO Kevin Demoff Says New Logo/Colors To Stay Despite Fan Backlash

Many Los Angeles Rams fans were excited to hear that the team would be re-branding their logo and colors for the upcoming season. Earlier last month, the organization had sparked hype through their social media accounts by posting videos of both cryptic messages and then later staff removing their old logo off of their buildings and areas the team owned. From that time many fans have seen numerous “leaked” photos of rumored logos being posted of online. The curiosity grew over the weeks and finally on March 23rd, 2020 the team unveiled their new logos:

As you may know fan outrage had sparked and numerous posts on social media from fans let the organization hear it. Former Rams great Erik Dickerson sided with fans about the new logos and went on to tell fans that he’d personally speak with Rams ownership about changing the logos back. Now we learned that Rams COO Kevin Demoff won’t be doing that. Dickerson had tweeted on Sunday that he had spoken with the Rams front office:

“I spoke with the Rams front office on behalf of our great fans and former players. Unfortunately, the front office is set on their new logos. I made our feelings crystal clear… why change the best logo in the NFL?

The Rams have no intention of changing their new logos and colors back even with all the fan backlash. Despite Demoffs charitable cause to read fans’ mean tweets in order to raise over $2.2 million for coronavirus relief, he stated the following:

“While it isn’t always the easiest to hear, we value the commentary you have provided on the logo & colors, We are excited about the future of our team, our brand & our stadium, but recognize we can always get better through feedback and engagement and appreciate your passion.”

From the looks of it, Rams fans will have to deal with the new logos and colors for the time being. New uniforms will be unveiled as well come Spring time and fans are hoping that they won’t be disappointed again.

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