Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Thinks Extending the Year is a Bad Idea

Major League Baseball recently started discussing scenarios to get baseball started again, much to the joy of Dodgers fans. While many ideas have been thrown out there, one in particular caught the attention of pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

In an interview with Roggin and Rodney on AM 570, Kershaw discussed the potential of pushing back the season further into the year. Generally, the playoffs are wrapped up by the end of October, leaving November, December, January, and most of February as the offseason. 

It gets a little risky the further you go in the season. You start talking about Thanksgiving and December for a World Series, that gets a little iffy in my opinion. I’m all for doubleheaders and playing as many games as we can.

The idea behind pushing the season further into the year stems from the hope that teams can play all 162 games. This despite the fact that the league still does not have a firm start date for teams to get back to baseball activity. If the Dodgers were not able to play a regular-season game until June, it seems more likely that the season would be cut down.

That has certainly been one of the options discussed in meetings with the player’s union. Another idea that has been thrown out, as Kershaw discussed, was teams playing more doubleheaders. The justification for Kershaw not wanting to go too far into the year is that it plays a role in the following season.

Many players need those couple of months off in the year to get their bodies healed up and healthy after a long season. If MLB pushed games all the way through December, that’s less than two months that players get to rest and recover before they have to be back at Spring Training in 2021.

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