Dodgers Bracket: All-Time Favorite Players in Franchise History

Today was supposed to be Opening Day for our Los Angeles Dodgers, and we can’t help but to be a little bit sad about that. Many of us would already be on our way to Chavez Ravine, getting there early to watch batting practice. Unfortunately, the world had different plans for all of us this spring. All of us will instead be taking part in the ‘Opening Day At Home’ and watch classic games instead. 

Luckily, we have some things to be happy about on Opening Day. Things like the Dodgers’ social media team taking to Twitter and dropping a bracket to take part in. The bracket matched up Los Angeles and Brooklyn legends to ultimately find who you think is the ‘best’ Dodger of all-time.

For Dodgers fans, this one is going to be tough. When you’re matching up Cody Bellinger with Orel Hershiser in the second round, you know it is going to be a difficult decision. I got all the way to the third round in the bracket before I realized I had to take some time to think about it. 

Then you run into the issue of recency bias. Do you go with Hyun-jin Ryu, who anchored the Dodgers’ rotation in 2019 and got close to winning a Cy Young Award? Or do you go with Gil Hodges, a Brooklyn legend who collected close to two-thousand hits with the Dodgers? It’s a tough bracket, that’s for sure!  

Make sure you fill out your bracket and send them to us on this Opening Day at Home! 

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