Dodgers: Justin Turner Buys Thousands of Tacos for a Cause

Out of everything that has been going on lately, finally some good news. We had seen posts on the LA Dream Center’s page thanking the Dodgers’ Justin Turner and his wife Courtney for their generosity. While it wasn’t clear what the couple had done, it was assumed that they were helping out and making donations like they always do. 

As it turns out, we didn’t have to look far to find answers. Justin and Courtney might not want to post it and let everyone know how generous they are, but we want to make sure they get the credit they deserve. The Dodgers’ third baseman is known for being very active in the community across Los Angeles. His foundation goes above and beyond to improve the lives of people everywhere. 

The Toro Grillhouse is a Filipino and Mexican fusion restaurant in Glendale. RJ from the Toro Grillhouse reached out to us via Instagram to let us know exactly what Turner had done for the Dream Center in Los Angeles. RJ broke down the events of JT buying food from them.

I heard on am570 last Thursday that Justin Turner was buying food from small businesses and feeding people in need, our business was taking a bit hit due to the pandemic so I reached out to him and he actually responded asking for my contact information. On Friday he called me and personally checked our menu and we chatted for a little bit. He ordered 1k tacos for every day this week starting yesterday.

Apparently Turner and Courtney wanted to make sure that small businesses were supported during this time, while also making sure centers had resources to continue to provide assistance. According to RJ, Justin made all of the calls and arrangements himself and even took the time to call later asking how everything went. A standup couple indeed, and one of the best representations of the Dodgers. 

The Dream Center is a foundation focused on providing aid to homelessness, hunger, and the lack of education through residential and community outreach programs.

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