Dodgers: Astros Cheating Scandal Does Not Bother Kershaw Anymore

Baseball may be on hold right now, but that doesn’t mean we’re done talking about the Dodgers’ beef with the Astros. Clayton Kershaw went on the Dan Patrick show this week to talk about a number of things, including his feelings on the now infamous cheating scandal.

The Dodgers got hammered by the Astros playing at Minute Maid Park. Clayton Kershaw had six runs hung up on him in a pivotal game five. But he acknowledges that despite the fact that they were not missing ANY of his offspeed pitches, that wasn’t what he was thinking in the moment. 

In the moment obviously, it just sucks. You get beat and you know, you have to go back and do all those things and get back on a plane and you go back and think about it and- yeah it’s no fun. 

Kershaw also goes on to acknowledge that while he knows how bad this was for baseball, he tries not to think about what could have been for the Dodgers. 

I think it’s obviously no secret that we were all affected by it. And you know as far as ‘Would we have won a World Series’ or whatever, I just don’t let myself think about it. As long as my teammates respect what I’m doing and they want me out there, I think that’s a good career. So that’s what i try to focus on.

Dan Patrick continued to press Kershaw on the issue, knowing that it must be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with mentally. The Dodgers’ veteran ace shot back with a reasonable answer. 

It’s been a little while now, and I’m good with it. I’ve talked so much about it now that I don’t even have anything to say about it. 

Kershaw‘s entire career has been marked by regular-season dominance and playoff failures. If you eliminate the one start in Houston, Kershaw pitched 11 innings and allowed just one earned run. That would have given him an earned run average of 0.82 in the series. Maybe Patrick is right. If anyone has the right to be angry, it’s the Dodgers and Kersh.

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