Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Confirms Plans For Players

The Dodgers were told they could go home on Friday morning, but it looks like there is hope. The team has confirmed through President of Baseball Ops Andrew Friedman that players will be allowed to stay and workout at Camelback Ranch. Furthermore, players are also allowed to head back to Los Angeles to continue workouts at Dodger Stadium. 

The MLB Players Union had reportedly communicated to teams that players were allowed to head home or remain in the cities their facilities were. It was not clear at first whether teams would be allowed to stay and workout. Based on Friedman’s words, it seems like teams are being told it will be their call whether or not to allow players to continue staying loose. The Dodgers will allow players to. 

Friedman also went on to say that all players were healthy, and no Dodgers players have even had to be tested for the coronavirus(COVID-19). 

Friedman also confirmed that there is a workout plan in place for pitchers to keep them ready to go. There are no details yet on which players have decided to head back to Los Angeles and which will stay out in Arizona. The Dodgers’ President of Baseball Operations does plan on staying in Arizona himself though, “for as far as I can see out” in his own words. It sounds like Friedman plans on staying there as long as he needs to in this strange time. 

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