Dodgers: Tensions Rise in a Spring Game Against the Giants

The Dodgers and Giants may be playing games that don’t technically count, but you wouldn’t know it. In a Spring Training game on Wednesday evening, the two teams got into it after a series of hit batters. Words were exchanged and warnings were issued in the process.

This all started when the Dodgers’ Justin Turner was hit by a pitch on the hand in his first at-bat. Johnny Cueto came up and in and clipped him on the hand that he broke in the Spring of 2018 on a similar pitch. In the following inning, Clayton Kershaw hit Rob Brantly with a pitch and the Giants’ third-base coach took exception. 

When Kershaw was on his way back to the dugout, the two exchanged words. Kershaw started walking towards the coach and the Giants’ dugout in the process. Both sides were warned, and the umpire had to walk Kershaw back to the dugout. 

Kershaw came out to throw one more scoreless inning for the Dodgers after the exchange without any additional issues. Justin Turner came out of the game shortly after homering in his following at-bat. He said his hand felt okay but will go for x-rays regardless. Turner missed a large chunk of the 2018 season when he was hit on the hand late in Spring Training of that year. 

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