Dodger Stadium Renovation: Construction Fears, Concerns with New Home Run Seats, and More

On Tuesday, local media was invited to Dodger Stadium for a walk around the ballpark with Dodgers Senior Vice President, Planning and Development Janet Marie Smith. had an exclusive opportunity to ask a few more questions with the VP after the tour was over. Question number one? Biggest fears with opening day closing in.

It turns out that mother nature is public enemy number one.

Rain. If we don’t have rain, we’re good. We’re confident that we’ve got just the ultra professional team out here… opening day’s not moving — Stan Kasten’s always said ‘March the 26th, do anything you have to do,’ March the 26th, that’s our day, so we feel good about it. We’ve got a lot of work to do but we feel confident.

One of the more exciting and anticipated changes coming to the stadium this season is the addition of front row “home run seats,” putting fans in the pavilion closer to the action than they’ve ever been before. But with new access like that comes change… and the potential for never before seen fan interference. Any concerns?

We really don’t. Of course, it’s something you’re always concerned with, but we’ve had fans in the front row ever since this park opened in 1962, so in many ways this is no different.

Of the not quite yet announced secrets coming as part of the $100M renovation, fans will be relieved to learn that restroom facilities will double in the outfield as the old restrooms were removed from the area adjacent to the bullpens and place closer to the centerfield area.

Additionally, Mrs. Smith mentioned that the new Sandy Koufax statue announced last season should be unveiled at the stadium in June, ahead of July’s All-Star game.

Understandably there are questions and concerns about the added concessions coming to the new centerfield plaza. However, many of those will be answered in “about 10 days” as off-site built concessions buildings will arrive at the new home in Dodger Stadium and hopefully fit together as anticipated.

Crunch time at Chavez Ravine.

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