Dodgers: Chris Taylor Misses Third Straight Game With Biceps Injury

Spring Training is all about working out the details and getting into game shape, and that’s what the Dodgers are doing. Sorenesses and small injuries have popped up all around camp but non so serious that it calls for major concern. The last ache is Chris Taylor‘s bicep, keeping him out for another game Wednesday.

Per Ken Gurnick, Taylor injured his forearm and bicep on a check swing in a game earlier this week. While it’s not necessariyl a cause for concern at the moment, it’s worht noting he had to sit a few games because of it.

Taylor made a name for himself after being traded to the Dodgers from Seattle. The now 29-year-old had a breakout year in his first full season with the Dodgers, slashing career highs and earning himself a permanant spot on the roster all year.

Taylor joins Joc Pederson and Dustin May on a list of guys that have a shot at the roster dealing with small injuries or soreness.

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