Dodgers: Justin Turner Addresses Contract Situation, Mookie’s Leadership

It’s a fun time around Dodgers’ camp this spring compared to last year. Players are healthy, there’s a wealth of talent, and everyone has a World Series Championship on their mind. Justin Turner is in that same mindset and is happy to have the leadership of Mookie Betts.

Speaking to reporters, Turner first addressed the leadership that Mookie Betts provides. Betts is the Dodgers newest outfielder and has really only been around the team for a little over two weeks now. In regards to Mookie, Turner had this to say.

To come in the first day and getting in front of the team and kind of challenge everybody- I think kind of surprised a lot of guys. And I think that we love that for our guys.

While we do not know what was said necessarily in front of the team, it definitely shows a little more of a serious tone than the Dodgers’ clubhouse is used to. The team has been more lighthearted and fun the past couple of years, but it sounds like the leaders are setting the tone early.

This is also Justin Turner’s final year of his contract. He will be 36 when the season ends, and the market for aging corner infielders is not exactly the best. When asked about his final year, Turner played it down.

Is this my last year? That’s my answer…I’m not worried about that. I’m here to win a championship, and whatever happens after that, we’ll see.

As one reporter pointed out, Turner has become an integral part of the team and the community. It’s likely the Dodgers don’t make it to the World Series without him in 2017 and in 2018. After an abysmal career before Los Angeles, Turner has hit .302 with 112 homeruns in his six years with the organization.

In that time, Turner has received an All-Star nod, MVP votes, and an NLCS MVP award.


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