Dodgers Mookie Betts on Debut and Staying at the Leadoff Spot in the Lineup

One of the most anticipated at bats this spring training comes from the former AL MVP and the Dodgers biggest acquisition of the off-season, Mr. Mookie Betts.

At the home of the Dodgers for spring training, Camelback Ranch was sold out more than 48 hours before the first pitch and when you add the debut of Mookie Betts in the Dodgers Uniform, you have a day that looks to be as fun filled as you can get.

In his next at bat, Mookie drove one to right, but was caught for another out. With some family in town, Mookie got one more chance to make a contribution in his debut and he didn’t disappoint with a sacrifice fly to score Luke Rayley.


As you can see, we caught up with Mookie after the game to see what his thoughts were on his game and how he’s adjusting to representing the Dodgers and playing for the Dodgers organization.

We also got to talk about where he feels comfortable in the lineup and if he’s understanding how the Dodgers are using data to change the lineups.

What are your thoughts on Mookie’s debut?

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