Dodgers: Mookie Betts and David Price Settling Into the Team Nicely

Coming to a new team is always a little weird. New fields, new lockers, new teammates, just a lot of new things in general. The move to the Dodgers for Mookie Betts and David Price has to come with a little bit of discomfort. Afterall, Mookie was part of the Red Sox organization for almost 9 years while Price was there for four. As it turns out, the two stars are settling in nicely.

Betts and Price sat down for an interview with CBS’s Jim Hill to discuss the transition to a brand new team. Apparently, the Dodgers and their staff could not be more welcoming.

They’ve welcomed me with open arms. The staff and everybody, it’s just tough trying to keep up with everybody’s names. As far as baseball, everything is pretty much the same. The commradarie with the team and everything, it’s been great. -Mooke Betts

Learning the names of an entire roster, including minor league players that are in the clubhouse, would be a difficult task for anyone. Luckily, the two stars are ready for anything that comes their way.

This is a new setting for me. It’s my first Spring Training in Arizona, I’m excited for it. Just to be a part of such an iconic franchise like the Dodgers, that’s something I’m definitely going to cherish.

As you can imagine, manager Dave Roberts is also pretty excited to welcome the two to the Dodgers as well. Hill sat with Roberts and got his thoughts on the welcoming of the Boston pair.

Dodgers fans are gonna grow soon to love those two guys. When you see a guy in a Dodger uniform- certain guys (coming from) other uniforms- sometimes it doesn’t look quite right. But those two guys, it just looks right.

It may not take long for Dodgers fans to fall in love with Mookie and Price, as game action is set to kick off on Saturday in Scottsdale against the Giants. Rain is in the forecast pretty heavily though, so game action may have to wait until Sunday back at Camelback Ranch.

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