Dodgers Spring Training: Cody Bellinger Impressed Early with Mookie Betts

No stranger to M-V-P chants, Dodgers slugger Cody Bellinger is now becoming less of a stranger to new teammate, and another former league MVP Mookie Betts. As the two have spent time together working in the outfields at Camelback Ranch in Arizona, Bellinger says he’s impressed by what he sees from Betts.

The two-time All-Star shared his early thoughts on the Mookie Experience.

[He’s] very impressive. He comes to work and he has fun with it but he does all the drills hard and he focuses on the little things… that’s why he’s a really, really good baseball player.

Recently, Dodgers broadcaster Tim Neverett spoke with about the effort and work Betts puts in on the field and in the clubhouse with his teammates. Neverett also mentioned that it would “take about five seconds before LA falls in love with Mookie”. It seems that may also be true of his new teammates.

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Moreover, on the idea of chemistry being built between the two, Bellinger thinks things are going great.

It seems pretty easy. He’s an easy-going guy and easy to talk to and a very personable dude as well.

A quick bit of investigative journalism below confirms that the sources are true… Mookie is getting along fine with his new teammates. Some would argue that he even appears… happy.

Slight jabs at Boston-based podcast hosts aside, the Betts/Bellinger combo appears to be headed for greatness at Dodger Stadium this summer.

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