Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Proud that People are Upset About Cheating in Baseball

Recently, Los Angeles Dodgers’ president and part-owner Stan Kasten talked to his players and asked for them to do their best to move on from the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. Manager Dave Roberts shared the same sentiment.

Therefore as one might expect, one of the heart and soul leaders of the clubhouse in Clayton Kershaw followed suit in trying to do that. Of course, he already called out Houston owner Jim Crane and that was probably enough to get his point across. Still, there may be no one better at dusting themselves off and moving forward than Kershaw.

His first quote echoes a lot of positivity and wisdom. Furthermore, we can probably all learn from Kershaw a little bit. It’s alright to be frustrated and angry, but remain romantic about baseball.

“This type of thing has never happened before, and people are upset by it. People feel cheated, and rightfully so. The only thing I will say now is we’ve got a great season coming up. Everybody is really excited about baseball. Baseball is in a great spot. We’ve got a lot of incredible players.”

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That sounds like a guy who is excited to get after it in 2020. Building off that quote is another in which Kershaw sounds like he’s ready to chase a title, and not focus solely on the Astros.

“I love baseball. I’m excited about it, and I’m just thinking about the 12-year-old kid that hears all this stuff, and it’s hard to decipher. It’s just a lot of negative, negative, negative, and rightfully so. It’s a lot of stuff that’s going on that shouldn’t have happened. But at the same time, this season is happening. We’re excited about it.”

Once again, Kershaw sounds like a rejuvenated veteran still passionate about his craft. That is a wonderful thing with the exhibition season opening next week.

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