Dodgers: Tyler White Skirts Questions About Being Former Houston Astro

An interesting ripple effect of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros’ rivalry is one player who crossed over from one organization to the next in 2019.

Of course that player is Tyler White, working hard to earn a spot with the 2020 Dodgers. Now put yourself in White’s place. He’s surrounded by a clubhouse of teammates who feel they had a championship stolen from them in 2017. The rub here – obviously – is that White was a member of the 2017 Houston Astros.

Recently he spoke with Jorge Castillo of the LA Times about this conundrum.

What white says about his former Houston Astros’ teammates is interesting.

“It’s tough,” White said. “I’ve gotten to know all these guys. It’s a tough situation. You don’t really know what to say. It’s hard to say. These guys are just a great group of guys. I don’t really know what to say other than that.”

Now wait just a second, Mr. White. This blog fella would like to remind you that this is the same group that parked your new truck in centerfield and took batting practice at it. Furthermore, White disliked the incident so much that he left practice upset.

On the other hand, this is about two different subjects. When it comes to the Astros and cheating, White just wants to look forward with his most recent opportunity.

“It was wrong and other than that I don’t really have any comment on it. I look forward to being here.”

Finally, someone asked White the hard-hitting question I so often crave. The question was did he use the trashcan tactics during his Houston days.

“Did I use it? I really wasn’t there that year.”

In closing – White doesn’t offer a whole lot – and it’s hard to blame him. Without question, he developed bonds with those brandished as cheaters by the rest of his game surrounding them. Undeniably, this is one example of how that fateful 2017 team (especially) and every member of it will forever be tied to the scandal.

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