Dodgers: Lebron James Dunks on MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred

The Astros and their cheating scandal have officially moved beyond the borders of Major League Baseball. Since the Dodgers were cheated out of their title in 2017, Los Angeles’ own Lebron James took to Twitter to sound off.

Sure, Lebron does not play baseball. But he is a professional athlete and he happens to play in a city that was cheated out of a championship. And if anyone knows how important a championship can be to a city, it’s Lebron James.

The Lakers’ star went on to go after the commissioner in how he has handled things.

Listen here baseball commissioner. Listen to your players speaking today about how disgusted, mad, hurt, broken, etc etc about this. Literally the ball is in your court(or should I say field) and you need to fix this for the sake of Sports!

The Dodgers have already individually begun offered their opinions a little bit at a time. Max Muncy sat down with Pedro Moura of The Athletic earlier this week, so it’s not surprising to see the city’s stars jumping in.


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