Dodgers: Calls for Astros 2017 World Series Title to be Vacated Getting Louder

As we get further away from MLB’s official punishment of the Houston Astros in their cheating indictment becoming final, the chatter about whether or not the punishment was enough continues to be heard. In fact, over the weekend, it hit a fever pitch as MLB commissioner Rob Manfred sat down for a one-on-one with ESPN about a variety of topics surrounding the cheating scandal.

The loudest noise heard after that interview involved Manfred’s decision to not vacate the Astros’ 2017 World Series title, and how MLB came to that decision. It should be noted that the commissioner and his cronies did consider vacating or adding an asterisk to the championship, but chose not to go down that road.

Here’s what Manfred told ESPN’s Karl Ravich.

The idea of an asterisk or asking for a piece of metal back seems like a futile act. People will always know that something was different about the 2017 season, and whether we made that decision right or wrong, we undertook a thorough investigation, and had the intestinal fortitude to share the results of that investigation, even when those results were not very pretty.

This can be broken down in so many ways — and the internet did quite spectacularly — but something underlying that sticks out in Manfred’s willingness to de-value the trophy that literally every single player dedicates his life each day to win. On Sunday we learned that the Commissioner’s Trophy is just a piece of metal.

Cool Rob.

LA Times scribe Bill Plaschke wasn’t thrilled either.

While Astro shortstop Carlos Correa has come out and defended Houston’s accomplishment as earned fair and square, other players from around the league aren’t singing the same tune.

Of course, the “Carlos Correa: Astros Crisis Management Officer” saga was cemented after Cody Bellinger came out and slammed the poorly executed apology press conference hosted by the organization. Along the way, Bellinger also slammed Jose Altuve, alluding to the buzzer system being in full-effect last season. Correa clapped back at Bellinger’s comments as the drama continued.

On Sunday, former Dodger Yu Darvish was pretty straight forward in saying the Astros really just need to shut up right now, as he defended Bellinger in the Correa squabble. 

More and more people connected to the game continue to voice their opinions on vacating the title, and Manfred is essentially dismissing them… Because he made his decision. And because the Astros players have to look at themselves in the mirror and deal with it…

At a certain point you wonder if Manfred really doesn’t have a clue, or simply doesn’t care. But it’s nice to know that the Astros can keep the meaningless piece of metal they acquired illegitimately in 2017.

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