Dodgers: Carlos Correa Points Towards 2017 World Series Clean Win and Bellinger Error

There is much to break down of Carlos Correa’s interview with Ken Rosenthal, which was brought to us all early Saturday morning.

In case you missed it, Correa has a response to Cody Bellinger’s comments. In addition, Correa seems to point the World Series loss on the shoulders of Bellinger, saying Houston won it clean in his own eyes. These comments are unbelievable to me, being as objective and fair as I can be as I break them down.

First off, there is a lot here. It’s important to provide as much as we can of what Correa says to give full context to his comments. Let’s start with game two, and what he says about it. The shortstop says in the World Series, you really can’t steal signs. There is ‘morse code’ he alleges.

“Game 2, they’re winning the game, ninth inning Marwin Gonzalez hits a home run off Kenley Jansen, and we end up winning that game. That game was on the road. That’s one game. Game 3, we win 5-3. Yuli (Gurriel) hits a solo homer. Marwin hits a (single) with men on first and second. To all the fans out there, when there is a guy on second, catchers and pitchers they use multiple signs. In the World Series, they don’t use the same multiple signs they do in the regular season. The games are way too important. Those signs can’t be decoded. They’re hard signs. Game 5, one of the best games of all-time. I hit a double with a man on second, that’s one run. Yuli hits a home run with a man on second. Again, multiple signs. Nobody knows what’s coming.”

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Without question, that game five in Houston will die with me in my emotional core. It will never leave. Even more than that of game seven in Los Angeles, which Correa sort of points some of the blame at Bellinger, oddly.

“We go to Game 7. George Springer, leadoff double (in the first inning). Alex Bregman hits a ground ball to Cody Bellinger (at first base). He throws it away. People say pitching and defense win ballgames. We end up winning Game 7 on the road. There was no trash-can on the road, no cheating on the road.”

Finally, Correa says that Bellinger should have ‘done something about it’ rather then talking about it now. I leave the reaction up to you after you read this.

“When I analyze all the games, we earned that championship. We didn’t steal it. Instead of talking about it, he should have done something about it. When you look at the World Series, they left so many guys on base in Game 7, throughout the whole World Series. Cody didn’t have a good World Series (Bellinger went 4-for-28, with all of hits going for extra bases). For him to be talking about us stealing that championship, don’t talk about it. You should not be talking about it. You should have done something about it. When you analyze the games, we won fair and square. We earned that championship.”

Alright Dodgers fans, what do you think? My thoughts would clog up this column pretty badly. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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