Dodgers: Mookie Betts Message for Latino Fans, Plus Love for Soccer

Part of the attraction to the Los Angeles Dodgers organization – dating back to the rich history and the grounds Chavez Ravine is built upon – is the connection to the Latino community.

Yesterday at Dodger Stadium, Mookie Betts was asked about this connection now in playing for Los Angeles and it made a bridge into a variety of other subjects, including soccer!

You can see the full video below, with a couple quotes pulled out from Betts’ comments.

First off, Betts is asked about the Latino culture as a whole in baseball and the fans that follow the Dodgers of that ethnic background. Notably, it seems Betts has an immense appreciation for these folks.

“The Latino guys, they mean so much to baseball. I definitely think they should be appreciated more. Especially coming from some of the places that the players come from, and the fans come from. I just thank them for the support, and being eyeballs watching every day.”

Equally important, Betts has an affinity for Latino fashion. Furthermore, we learn where his soccer allegiances lie.

“I’m interested in the [Latino] fashion. And for sure I am a soccer fan, I play FIFA all the time. My favorite player I would have to say is [Lionel] Messi. I feel like when I watch him, he’s just everywhere.”

Finally, one of the coolest and most authentic things for me when I visited Dodger Stadium for the first time was being fully emersed into the rich and diverse culture at the ballpark. It was then that I took a moment and said ‘wow, I’m really at Dodger Stadium’. It added to the experience and authenticity of the moment.

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Perhaps Betts will fall in love with this very same attraction early in 2020, because the passion is unrivaled. As the Dodgers lose a huge connection to the Mexican-American community after trading Alex Verdugo in the deal with Boston, any way to spice up the culture at Dodger Stadium this season would surely be once again welcome by the fans. And, thankfully, embraced by Mookie Betts.

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