Dodgers Will Not Receive An Apology From the Astros

If you were not able to tune in to the Astros press conference to issue their official apology, oh boy did you miss out. Houston’s ownership came out to apologize but essentially defended their team and decisions for their role in the cheating scandal. More importantly, Jim Crane emphasized that the Dodgers will not be getting an apology.

The Astros took down the Dodgers in seven games during that 2017 World Series. Yet Crane seems to think that victory does not warrant an apology. Even worse than that, he does not believe that their cheating led to the Astros winning the World Series.

Our opinion is this did not impact the game

How electronically stealing signs would not change the game is beyond me. But Crane was not the one who felt there was no need to make any personal apologies. Former Dodgers outfielder Josh Reddick said that he would not be issuing apologies to any former teammates. His response to why he would not may upset fans even more.

“I just don’t think it’s necessary”- Josh Reddick when asked whether he would be contacting former teammates to apologize

The Astros somehow managed to take a bad situation and almost make it worse with this press conference. Instead of heartfelt sincere apologies for their mistakes, we got players and executives getting defensive and choosing to try to justify their own actions.

More to come on the Astros and their apology tour today from Spring Traning camps.



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