Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Happy to Have David Price the Teammate in LA

For Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman, and the newly acquired David Price, it’s a west coast reunion. Freidman drafted Price first overall in 2006 back in his Tampa Bay days.

So while Mookie Betts may have been the prize of the transaction, with Price, Andrew was very happy to have him included in the deal

More than happy to have Price in LA, he excited about what he can bring to the team.

David last year in the first half was close to as good as he’s ever been. Obviously he had the wrist thing … I’ve seen first hand how well he competes and what type of teammate he is and I really feel like he’s gonna slot in here and be a big part of what we’re gonna do in 2020.

When asked to expand on David Price the teammate, Freidman had a lot of positive things to say about the 2012 AL Cy Young award winner.

In the clubhouse, the support he showed his teammates. When other starters would be throwing their sides he’d be out there watching. When starters were in the game he was on the top step; first guy to come congratulate them after an inning.

A lot of times guys go in the clubhouse, and check their phones and do things, David is locked in on the four days he’s not starting and being an extremely supportive teammate and I think that really rubs off — it created a really special culture among our pitching group that he was a part of.

The talent is evident, what he does every fifth day, but those are things that really stood out to me from my time with him and I look forward to continuing that here.

For as much grief as Andrew Friedman has received over his tenure in Los Angeles (oftentimes unwarranted), one thing is apparent when you look up and down at the Dodgers’ roster: he knows how to put together a team. There’s talent, and there are team players, but most importantly there are people that genuinely appear to care about one another.

2020 should undoubtedly be an exciting season in LA.

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