Dodgers: Joc Pederson Loses His Arbitration Case

As two different trades sit in limbo, the Dodgers got an update on some of their potential payroll. Joc Pederson, who was asking $9.5MM for the 2020 season, lost his arbitration case against the team.

Joc is already in a sort of uncomfortable situation as it is. As of this week, his future in Los Angeles is up in the air with few signs of him staying. After the Mookie Betts trade was reported earlier this week, another trade surfaced involving Pederson being traded to Anaheim. Neither of those trades has been announced as completed since the Betts trade hit a snag.

Joc had a career-best in wins above replacement, home runs, runs batted in, batting average, and a few other offensive categories in 2019. The left-handed slugger has hit 87 home runs for the Dodgers in five seasons since he was called up.

If the trade were to go through, Joc would assumingly make his $7.75 million salary playing for the Angels in 2020. That trade involves Luis Rengifo, and could possibly involve added prospects.


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