Dodgers: Jimmy Nelson Talks Health, Role, and Why He Signed With LA

Without question, Jimmy Nelson used to be one of the best unheralded pitchers in the big leagues. Now a Los Angeles Dodger, he spoke to the media for the first time wearing the blue at Dodgers FanFest.

Notably, Nelson has a lot of upbeat things to say and seems to have the demeanor of a guy who will be easy to root for. Check out the full interview segment here, with a few highlight quotes below.

First off, Nelson discusses the process of how and why be became a Los Angele Dodger.

“From top to bottom, just everything. The way that they pursued me, and everyone from the front office to the coaching staff was on the same page. They’re very involved, and really dedicated to putting us in the best position for success as well as we can possibly be. That goes for the medical staff as well. I have had to fight through some medical stuff the past couple years. But I definitely feel that these guys are going to put me in the best position possible to be successful.”

Next, Nelson mentions that the only current Dodger he knows is Ross Stripling from their Texas roots. Also, he says it’s been tough playing against the Dodgers for the past few years. Remember, Nelson was part of the 2018 Brewers who lost to the Dodgers in a seven game epic NLCS.

Equally important, Nelson is ready for any role the Dodgers call upon him for.

“Honestly, with the position I have been in the last couple years; I just want to be on the mound and competing. I have always been a starting pitcher and put in the work to be a starter. Honestly, any position they want to use me in or any way I can help; I want to be part of that.”

If you want to know what Nelson can do at the top of his game, check out his 2017 season. For example, he went 12-6 with a 3.49 ERA and 199 strikeouts to 48 walks. Surely, that was a time ago. But the bottom line here is depth and upside. If Nelson is physically sound, the Dodgers may have found a gem in the rough that resided in their old foes’ clubhouse, the Milwaukee Brewers.

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