Dodgers: Mookie Betts Trade Poll Yielding Favorable Results

The Mookie Betts saga seems to be on the verge of completion with many reports claiming that a deal is imminent with either the Dodgers or San Diego Padres.

For a few days now, the Dodgers have been said to be the emerging front-runners to land him, but that the Padres are a strong co-runner on the periphery. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic even went as far as saying that he believes the Dodgers will ultimately land the superstar outfielder.

MLB Trade Rumors recently released a poll on their website that has received a whopping 25,000 votes as of right now and the results are favorable, for Dodger fans.

The question was: Where will Mookie Betts play in 2020? Here are the results:

He’ll be a Dodger. (54.4% of the vote)

The most likely scenario according to baseball fans and readers of MLBTR, is that Betts winds up in the bright lights of Los Angeles. This is the most logical scenario and as I mentioned, this is the view of top-tier reporters like Ken Rosenthal who consistently hear chatter.

The Red Sox won’t trade him. (18.6% of the vote)

This being the second-most popular outcome amongst voters is surprising considering the amount of smoke there is that Mookie is a lock to be dealt. PS: He will.

He’ll be a Padre. (15.3% of the vote)

The Padres are the only other team outside of the Dodgers that have even been mentioned to have substantial progress made on a Mookie Betts trade. This seems like a likelier scenario than Betts not getting dealt at all.

Never bet against the mystery team! (11.7% of the vote)

There are always mystery teams in every sweepstakes. Mookie Betts is the second-best player in the league — who wouldn’t want him? At this point, it seems like a two-horse race, but you never know what can happen as we approach the finish line.

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