Dodgers: New Era Misses Badly on Caps Featuring Clayton Kershaw, Others

It seems that New Era and Macy’s department stores have teamed up on some ball cap designs featuring MLB player’s likenesses. One major problem with this “lil player” series is that the likenesses are rough, to say the least.

As usual, the internet has given us some incredible takes with these caps.

A Dodger star is one of the featured players on a cap…


Yes, that’s supposed to be Clayton Kershaw, though it may have been hard to tell without the name prominently displayed under him.

Additionally, internet legend Jomboy got in on the fun by presenting a hypothetical marketing session for these caps.


One Twitter user had some questions when it came to the design for “Corey’s brother.


One big issue came when the design for Houston Astros pitcher Zack Grienke was discovered…


Yes, it seems that they may have completely forgotten about Grienke’s trade from Arizona.

If you happen to see someone in public wearing any of these caps, do them a favor and buy them a beer. It was clearly an unfortunate gift from grandma over the holidays. (I’m aware these are youth caps…)

What are your takes, Dodgers Nation? Sound off with your best jokes in the comments below. Please keep it clean!

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