MLB News: Poll Indicates Fans Would Like To See Continued Home Run Surge In 2020

Right now, I miss the crack of the bat. Equally important, I miss home runs.

According to a recent poll ran by SportsNet LA, a large majority of fans agree with me. The poll asks whether or not fans would like to see the continued home run surge across MLB continue in 2020. Take a look at the results in the tweet below:

An astonishing 61 percent of fans indicated that ‘yes’, they would like to see an increase in home runs in 2020 compared to just 39 percent answering ‘no’.

Remember, this past season saw the 2019 Los Angeles Dodgers set a National League record for home runs. Furthermore, Major League Baseball admitted in June that there was a difference in the baseballs being used in play.

Somehow, baseball delivered upon what the fans wanted to see; if you are using this small-sample size poll as any indicator.

Honestly, what in sports is more exciting than a home run? An alley-oop dunk? A touchdown? I can’t say those things bring adrenaline to the heart muscle more than that of a ball leaving the bat and landing in the seats at over 100 miles per hour. However, I am bias to a degree and I admit that.

Still, it’s interesting to note the findings of this poll.

How do you feel about the increased home run surge in baseball? Do you want to see more home runs in 2020, or would you like to see the game return to saturated power numbers? Let us know int the comments below.

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