Dodgers: Actor Rob Lowe Sports Shirt Poking Fun At Houston Astros

Indeed, it’s been said that one of the celebrities you’re most likely to see while attending a game at Chavez Ravine is none other than Wayne’s World star Rob Lowe. In fact, he’s widely known as one of the biggest Los Angeles Dodger fans in all of Hollywood.

Now, Lowe is doing the good work for us out there in the spotlight. Spotted in Miami for Super Bowl festivities, check out the shirt that Lowe is wearing.

Lowe appears alongside one of the hosts of the ‘Pardon my Take’ Podcast wearing a shirt that says ‘Houston A*stros’, an obvious swipe at the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal.

Already, Lowe has moved up a notch in my book. Growing up as a kid in the 80’s, I loved him in Wayne’s World. Now he’s out there fighting the good fight and spreading the truth with his clothing about the World Championship that was stolen from our dearly beloved Dodgers.

Of course Lowe now joins Mario Lopez as celebrities who are one seeds in the mutiny against the Astros. Remember folks, when you mess with the Los Angeles Dodgers; you are messing with many of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Perhaps Anthony Rendon forgot this minor perk when choosing to not opt for the ‘Hollywood Lifestyle’ after all. He could have had guys like Lowe and Lopez watching his back at all times.

Never underestimate the power of Rob Lowe during Super Bowl week. We hope he’s having a great time.

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