Dodgers: Ross Stripling Talks Wall Street, Astros, and the Off-Season

Ross Stripling is one of the smartest players in baseball. In the off-season, he works as a stockbroker and investment advisor. He has an advanced understanding of analytics inside of the game and he fits right in with the team because of it.

One thing that not many know, is that Stripling has built strong relationships with many of the Houston Astros. He is the closest with Astros outfielders George Springer and Josh Reddick, two of the primary culprits in the cheating scandal. Stripling is a Houston local.

In a recent column for The Athletic, Pedro Moura talked with Ross Stripling about stocks, his off-season, and the Astros cheating scandal.

According to the column, Stripling has directly asked Josh Reddick about the use of buzzing devices and Reddick told them that those rumors were fabrications.

Stripling on the Astros

The right-hander for the Dodgers stated that he always had his suspicions about the Astros cheating in the 2017 World Series.

“We had an idea that things were going on in real time. Because it seemed like they had an advantage in real time. We’re glad the investigation found what it found, the punishment was handed out, and now it’s behind us.”

Stripling did not stop there as he believes more will come out eventually:

“But it seems like there might be more out there, or more to come. So we’ll have to see.”

Stripling’s Intense Off-Season

In the off-season, Stripling works out at Fairchild Sports Performance to work with Ben Fairchild, the man responsible for reviving the career of Lance Berkman. He works alongside 20 other MLB players with newly-signed Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon amongst them. He is working on enhancing his versatility and conditioning this off-season as he missed time in 2018 and 2019 due to injury. Fairchild credits Stripling for his willingness to adhere to the Dodgers’ plans:

“Not every player is that excitable about what we want to do.”

Fairchild continued:

“Stripling is so intent on greatness. That’s what really separates him from the average MLB guy. He’s intent on greatness, coupled with the flexibility to do whatever the team needs to help the team win. That’s an unusual combination.”

Stripling as a Stock Broker

Stripling’s work as a stockbroker is never done. He is practically obsessed with the stock market:

“Which is why it’s great. If I feel good enough to buy it for me, then I feel good enough to buy it for somebody else.”

Andrew Friedman was willing to adhere to Stripling’s request for an unusual contract structure so he could continue to invest:

“If there’s any player that I’ve ever been around that would appreciate the time value of money it’s Ross Stripling.”


Stripling is one of the most interesting men in the league and he continues to serve a valuable role for the Dodgers and will continue to do so in 2020.

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