Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Not Laughing at Justin Verlander’s Comments on Astros

The Astros players have yet to show any remorse for their actions that most notably took place in the 2017 World Series that was played against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bellinger was on that 2017 World Series club for LA and he was directly impacted by it. The Dodgers seemed to be the team of destiny in 2017, but that was altered unfairly by Houston.

When accepting his 2019 AL Cy Young Award, Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros made a strange comment about how his club was ‘technologically and analytically advanced’. It even sparked some immediate anger and reaction from long-time MLB ace CC Sabathia.

Cody Bellinger was not thrilled with the comments that were made by Justin Verlander either and he voiced his opinion to TMZ. It is unclear at this time whether or not Verlander was trying to make a joke or if he genuinely meant it. The Astros, outside of all of their cheating glory, are well-regarded as one of the most analytically in tune teams in Major League Baseball. Here is the link to the comments made by Bellinger:

Cody Bellinger on Astros

Cody Bellinger was asked about whether or not he was frustrated by the Houston Astros cheating scandal and we all know his answer:

“I’m definitely frustrated. No doubt.”

Bellinger Not Please by Verlander’s Joke

When asked about the recent comments that were made by Justin Verlander at the event that handed him his AL Cy Young Award, Bellinger responded:

“Disappointed. I don’t think he meant to say it as a joke. I think it was taken as a joke. It wasn’t funny to me, it wasn’t funny to CC [Sabathia].”


Even if Justin Verlander’s comment was legitimate, it was in very poor taste considering the recent events that have come to light. Cody Bellinger has every right to be disappointed.

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