Dodgers: Mookie Betts Offer Likely Centered Around Alex Verdugo, Not Gavin Lux

As Mookie Betts rumors continue to heat up, the Dodgers seem to be front-runners in acquiring his services in a trade with Boston. However, the San Diego Padres are reportedly still in the mix to acquire him. It seems like there is a very high chance that Betts gets dealt, but obviously Dodger fans everywhere but prefer he gets dealt to Los Angeles.

In a recent column for, the current state of the Mookie Betts talks were discussed at length.

The package that is being currently discussed with LA is centered around young outfielder Alex Verdugo with no expectation that top prospects Gavin Lux or Dustin May are involved, according to MLB insider Jon Morosi.

The Dodgers will not deal shortstop Gavin Lux in a Betts trade package, but they are willing to include outfielder Alex Verdugo. That kind of depth in the Dodgers’ system is a big reason why Los Angeles could ultimately get a Betts deal done.

The Dodgers have long been disinterested in trading their prized prospect Gavin Lux and according to Morosi, it will stay that way. The club will in no way trade Lux in a Betts deal unless other assets come the Dodgers way within the acquisition.

But still a trade could be built without Lux, and it could be moving quick, if we’re to believe these reports. Earlier on Thursday, ESPN’s Buster Olney shared a similar sentiment. He expanded in a radio interview with Boston’s WEEI.

While Olney feels strongly that Betts should begin packing for Los Angeles, the Padres are still involved in talks with the Red Sox as well. A primary sticking point with the Padres talks appears to be their insistence on including some portion of Wil Myers’ deal in any deal for Mookie Betts. San Diego currently has one of the highest payrolls they have ever had as a franchise with large contracts doled out to the trio of Eric Hosmer, Manny Machado, and the aforementioned Wil Myers.

The main sticking point for the LA-Boston talks could wind up being the money on David Price’s deal or if he would be involved in the deal at all.

The good part of this, though, is that there appears to be real traction on this front. If the Dodgers are able to make Mookie Betts a Dodger this winter, it would be the club’s biggest move in quite some time. If it happens, they could also have in the Dodger uniform for awhile if he chooses to sign an extension here. All possibilities are in view.

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