Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Teases That More Roster Moves May Still be Coming

Over the weekend when addressing the media at FanFest, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman had some thoughts on the makeup of the club’s roster at that point.

While (of course) Friedman feels good about his club — and he should, mind you — he did allude to the fact that he’s not done looking to improve the team dramatically before the start of the season, or even spring training.

There’s still a lot of conversations and things happening, but we feel good about where we are and if we’re able to something that makes us feel even better, that’s awesome.

Surely a fan might read this and pair the most recent chatter surrounding Boston’s star outfielder Mookie Betts, or Nolan Arenado’s desire to get out of Colorado and start to get a little excited. While Friedman obviously wouldn’t expand much on where conversations may be headed, the sense of a man still on a mission was apparent.

Whether that was sooner rather than later remains to be seen.

There were a few guys and there still are, and it’s something that whether it’s in July, whether it’s next off-season, our mindset is always to be aggressive on guys that kind of fit in at the top of the roster and bet on our amateur scouts and our player development group and what we do at the big league level to continue to keep the depth coming.

Of course, the LA Dodgers are a team that can out-depth just about any team in the league — you don’t win 7 straight division titles without having guys who can step in when stars are down. But still, the fact remains that it continues to be apparent that the club is just one perfect move away from getting over a 30+-year-old hurdle.

If I were a gambling man, I’d wager on the current 40-man roster (and 21 other non-roster invitees) being the guys that show up to Camelback Ranch in two weeks over any new names shaking up the scene. And maybe that’s not a bad thing at this moment in time.

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