Dodgers: Study Conducted to Track Astros Trash Can Banging in Sign Stealing

The Houston Astros cheating scandal saw the rise of the Twitter sensation Jomboy, founder of Jomboy Media, for his work on identifying the ways the Astros went about their cheating operation. Jomboy went through countless hours of video to make a final determination that there was simply too much evidence to believe that the Astros didn’t cheat.

Now, another study has been conducted by Tony Adams (@adams_at) and he has since founded the website to put all of his research in one place. The study is very extensive and proves the guilt of the Houston Astros in regard to this monumental cheating display.

Tony Adams is an Astros fan himself which makes this even more interesting. Adams logged every 2017 Houston Astros home game and recorded every banging of a trash can. Across 8,200 pitches, he recorder over 1,000 trash can bangs. That’s about 11 percent of every pitch that Astros hitters saw at their home ballpark. Wild.

From the research, we can conclude that the Houston Astros simply tested it out in the early part of 2017 and eventually saw that it was producing good results. They then decided to increase their usage of cheating on May 28.

Adams also included a graph relating total number of pitches and total bangs for different hitters. Most of the players who were excellent for the Astros in 2017 are above the trend line, meaning that they cheating at an above-average scale. Those hitters include Alex Bregman, George Springer, and the infamous Yuli Gurriel. Surprisingly, Jose Altuve had one of the lowest bang percentages.

From the next chart, it becomes obvious that some players entirely bought in and some did not:

More research will likely stem from this Adams study and it will only make the Astros look worse. The extensiveness of the cheating is simply egregious, yet unsurprising.

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