Dodgers: Blake Treinen Excited to Join LA, Defends Former Astro Mike Fiers

Blake Treinen was brought over to the Dodgers this off-season and should be a welcome addition to the bullpen. 

Treinen spoke at FanFest last week about how excited he was to pitch for the Dodgers, and on Mike Fiers and the Astros cheating scandal.

First off, the new Dodgers reliever has been very open about how he feels privileged to be a member of the Los Angeles bullpen in 2020 and is very much looking forward to being a key piece to the puzzle of October:

“I was excited. I was looking for something new. Obviously, we know the past and how good this team is.”

When asked about improvements that he wants to make for himself, he was very basic with his answer, displaying full confidence in his ability:

“I think what I do right is what I have to continue to do. I’m trying not to overthink things too much.”

Taking a quick step back, Treinen spent time with the Washington Nationals early on in his career, but his most recent cameo was with the Oakland A’s. During his time, he was a teammate of right-handed pitcher Mike Fiers who is now famous inside of the baseball world for being the whistle-blower on the Houston Astros cheating operation.

He was asked about Fiers and his part in this scandal.

I respect Mike a lot and I think there’s this idea that that’s kind of normal across the league, what’s happened over in Houston, and it’s not normal. I don’t think people really have the true idea of what normal in the league. I respect him for what he said. I mean, what’s worst, him knowing about it and not saying anything to his teammates and going there with an unfair advantage or saying something so that we really know that’s true?

Mike’s a solid guy. Anybody that’s played with him respects him.

You get the feeling that Treinen will fit in with the Dodgers just fine. More importantly, he will also be a big piece of the club this season if he can get back to his 2017 levels where he posted arguably a top-five relief pitching season of all time. He will be with the Dodgers on a one-year, $10 million deal on a ‘prove it’ contract. Let’s hope he proves it.

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