Dodgers: Stan Kasten Breaks Silence on MLB’s Astros Punishment

On Saturday during the annual FanFest at Dodger Stadium, players, Dave Roberts, and Andrew Friedman shared some thoughts on the Astros sign-stealing scandal that came to light this off-season. As they all showed varying levels of restraint when speaking on the subject, the sentiment was clear:


However, one notable and often polarizing figure missing from FanFast was team president Stan Kasten. Kasten was in New York to present Cody Bellinger the 2019 National League MVP award at the annual BBWAA Awards dinner.

Of course, Kasten tends to ruffle the feathers of Dodgers fans when he speaks more often than not of recent vintage, but this time he had a reason to be on the same page as fans.

As Kasten faced the media, questions about MLB’s report were at the top of the list for scribes.

Evan Drellich of the Athletic — who helped break the Astros news along with Ken Rosenthal — shared part of Stan’s comments.

We got the report. We read the report. We accepted the report. The next day, we went right back to building the best team we could to win a World Series in 2020.

As to anything more than that, let’s remember, this investigation isn’t over. And I really want to wait until it’s over to find out the things we don’t know. I’d like to have answers to many questions about what happened, by whom and when I don’t have any of those yet.

As you see the frustration build in his statement, one thing is fairly certain — MLB isn’t going to answer his questions.

It’s been widely reported that Houston players were granted immunity in exchange for their cooperation in the investigation into the club and accusations against it.

Kasten continued.

And I’m also interested to read that the Astros plan to have things to say at some point very soon. I want to hear that also before we say anything more about everything that happened.

More recently, Astros owner Jim Crane issued a statement that said the club would formally apologize at the start of spring training. However, it’s less likely that players individually apologize for their participation in any acts of cheating. 

Even so, if more comes to light, and if players and the team apologizes, would that make you feel exceptionally better?

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