Dodgers Dave Roberts talks about Frustrations, Fairness to Players & Hinch Relationship

It’s Dodgers Fan Fest 2020 and it feels like the world of baseball is here to see what Dodger players, executives and coaches have to say about the Houston Astro’s off-season cheating scandal despite the supposed gag order from MLB commissioner.

Up first to the scrum of media waiting is Dave Roberts, who’s fiery and competitive nature was definitely being suppressed today to keep things professional.

[Full Video Coming Soon on YouTube]

Roberts expressed a lot of frustration, but it was hard to tell for what though – his players, his legacy, the gag order? We’ll never know because it looks like everyone has been prepared for this day for quite a few days.

The interview didn’t last more than 10 minutes, but not a single question about the upcoming season could really be asked.

As Roberts stated, this is going to be a topic that’s rehashed over the course of the year, so let’s hope Roberts can figure out how to leverage to get the most out of the players this year.

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