Dodgers: Rob Manfred Reportedly Only Asked LA for Silence on Astros Punishment

The Houston Astros cheating scandal still has wings right now in the baseball world and fuel continues to be added to the fire with more and more coming to light. Initially, it was reported that all teams around Major League Baseball were told not to say anything publicly regarding the punishment of the Houston Astros, but that was not the case. According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred told only the Los Angeles Dodgers to keep quiet on the situation.

How bad is that? The league is trying to cover this situation up so much, that they are restricting  teams and their employees from being able to voice their opinions. It’s unjust.

Rosenthal’s verbiage on the tweet leaves a lot to the imagination, but it can be inferred that the Dodgers were explicitly asked to keep quiet while the league merely recommended to other teams that they stay quiet. This just keeps getting messier for all parties involved — especially the entity in charge in Major League Baseball.

It is fair of MLB to not want backlash and to have the game die with the scandals, but they are handling this situation all wrong. The Dodgers and many other teams have been affected by the Astros’ actions and the league has not done much about it outside of a few major pick penalties.

This situation will not die and go away until the league does something to force it.

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