Dodgers: Enrique Hernandez Social Media Account Apparently Hacked

Undeniably – if you had Kiké Hernandez in the ‘next Los Angeles Dodgers player to have their account hacked on Twitter’ pool – you win the prize.

A social media star on Twitter and Instagram, Hernandez’s account was temporarily out of action on Tuesday night. While not everyone noticed, it was a big enough deal in Dodgers circles that CBS Sports Los Angeles is writing about it.

Furthermore, some of you may have seen the content that was posted to Hernandez’s account during the malicious technology attack. Here is what it read, as captured in a screenshot on (of all places) Twitter:

What we know about this mysterious case:

  • His twitter page was back up by 5:50 PM local time on Tuesday.
  • Hernandez was not hacked on any of his other social media platforms.
  • It has not been made clear why his social media page was inactive (one might guess because someone hacked him).
  • Still, no one knows what OurMine group is; but they may want to think of a little better way to advertise.

Honestly though – I am curious now what “OurMine group” is – but just enough to be a bit creeped out.

Anyways, they’re back. Also, Hernandez is back on Twitter to likely post things this spring and summer that make you chuckle if you’re into that type of thing.

Can you imagine if someone hacked Walker Buehler’s account? He would probably just let them be – blue checkmark and all – and go create a new account or something. Finally, the take-home message here is what do you think Hernandez’s password was? Let us know in the comments below!

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