MLB News: Astros Players Granted Immunity in Investigation of Cheating Scandal

The Houston Astros have been embroiled in a well-documented cheating scandal for months now and it appears to be getting worse. At first, it was players — namely former Astros right-hander Mike Fiers — that were complaining about the Astros. Then the Twitter sensation Jomboy did some investigative work and uncovered trash can banging and more. Now, there are some hints about buzzing devices being worn by Astros players. It just keeps getting worse and worse the more the story progresses.

Now, it has been reported that Major League Baseball, at the direction of commissioner Rob Manfred, granted immunity to the players of the Houston Astros throughout the investigation.

According to a recent column from Bleacher Report, Joseph Zucker is reporting that Astros players were granted this immunity.

Rob Manfred recently released a nine-page statement regarding the situation and ruled out certain ways of cheating that the Astros have been accused of as well as explicitly stating what they did do.

Soon after, whispers surfaced that players and teams were worries that there would be worse ramifications if they spoke on the commissioner’s ruling. Still, players (active and retired) have slowly come out and spoken their piece on the fairness in the ruling, and the fairness on the playing field.

This situation is beyond hairy and it will likely continue to progress in worse fashion. We have gotten to the point where the league has intervened and provided statements and we have gone as far as the Los Angeles City Council stepping in.

This is one of the most extreme cases of athletic cheating outside of performance-enhancing drug use. This is different and it is beyond egregious.

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