Dodgers Fan & Actor Jason Bateman Wants a Houston Cheating Scandal Movie

Without question, you have seen actor Jason Bateman at Dodger Stadium before. In fact, he did the public address announcement as a guest once. For instance, check this 2014 tweet from the Dodgers’ official twitter account:

Now, Bateman wants a movie or television adaptation of the Houston cheating scandal made for the silver screen. Indeed, that’s what Bateman talked about speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association about his new HBO special. Here’s what he says:

“I want to use our last three minutes wisely, and I could spend 30 on that,” he said at the panel. “Needless to say, it was a painful Dodgers loss two years ago. Who knows how that would have turned out, who knows how that whole season would have turned out for the Astros? Would they have even been there? I don’t know.”

Bateman continues, saying the same type of things that Dodgers players like Ross Stripling have expressed in the recent past.

“Look, people have been stealing signs since the start of baseball, so it is somewhat established,” he added. “The fact that they had a system like that as high tech in some parts and as janky in others would probably lend itself well to a script adaptation.”

Obviously, many books will be written about this. If they aren’t, someone is missing out on a great story being told and some dollar signs. Therefore, we will get some words written. However, would this make a good watch in a movie? Take a look at Moneyball, which was a take on baseball history being made. In that sense, perhaps this would be a good film someday. It would just be painful for Dodger fans, I think.

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