Dodgers News: City Council Demands MLB Award World Series Titles to LA

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to request Major League Baseball’s assistance to vacate the 2017 World Series title of the Houston Astros and consequently award it to the Los Angeles Dodgers. This movement was put into action last week.

The vote being unanimous is somewhat surprising, but the final result is not. The Los Angeles City Council had been pushing for this since the day the Astros’ punishment was handed down by Major League Baseball and they finally got their wish by vote.

David Freese Speaks Out

Retired Dodgers infielder David Freese spoke out on the situation with a clear point of view:

David Freese is probably right. The Astros getting their title vacated because of their shady dealings is probably a good move for baseball, despite current perception. They should put their foot down even though it appears unlikely they will do so right now.

L.A. City Council Movement

Here is a full press conference held by L.A. City Council. When asked about whether or not the city would be taking legal action, they responded with an emphatic ‘no’:

“We have not considered legal action and I don’t anticipate that the city of Los Angeles would engage in that.”

When asked if there was any potential for legal action in the future, this is how the council responded:

“It could happen, but that’s not what we are proposing at this time.”

A huge question that needed to be asked was if the council had been in a direct line of communication with the Dodgers:

“We have not spoken with the Dodgers. I think it’s real important to make clear that the Astros cheated and that they were not the champions. As athletes, many do not wanted a tainted championship and so, some would say we were the best team. Some would say ‘they cheated and we don’t want to be a part of it’. Athletes that do not cheat want to compete fairly and want to earn their title and so it depends on each individual athlete. What we are looking at is what the record will reflect and clearly, cheating should not be awarded. We do not want this to become the new normal.”

That goes right in line with what David Freese is claiming. According to the council, multiple players have voiced their opinions to the city of Los Angeles:

“I think for the Dodgers to ask for it, it would seem like sour grapes and I don’t think they are going to do that. They have been asked to keep quiet and not say anything, but there have been a couple players that have been honest and expressed that they are wounded and saddened but what has happened.”


This scandal is one of the biggest in baseball, but it is a very polarizing issue. What do you think, Dodgers Nation? Should the Dodgers be handed the title?

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