Dodgers Should Pursue Disgruntled Nolan Arenado, Says FOX Radio

Indeed, it’s big news any time a superstar in baseball fires shots at his organization through the media. Therefore, when Nolan Arenado said he felt ‘disrespected’ by the Colorado Rockies on Monday, people sat up and took notice.

Now, the talk about Arenado has gone national with FOX Sports Radio hosts Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discussing the situation. The duo believes it’s time to strike while the iron is hot – or while Arenado and the Rockies aren’t getting along.

First, the hosts talk about that this is the emerging item that the Dodgers need after an underwhelming off-season. Plus the Dodgers can weaken a division opponent by acquiring Arenado.

“The Dodgers clearly need to do something, because they are the team that didn’t really do anything in the off-season. Clearly they are the ones in the middle of a great run here in the NL West. They’re still the team to beat. A team that will be their closest competition [Colorado], they can weaken them by taking their best player. Are our prospects going to work out?”

Of course, they forget the fact that they may be shipping a Gavin Lux or another great sum of prospects to Colorado to haunt them for years down the road. Still, they make a point that when you hear Arenado wants out; it’s at least worth making a call.

“You can go get the best third baseman in baseball. I get that you have Justin Turner, but you work things out. This is a guy you go get if you can. You get on the phone right now when you hear he doesn’t want to be a part of things in Colorado. The Dodgers have the players to ‘wow’ them.”

Personally – while I feel the fit is undeniable – the Dodgers sharing a division with the Rockies actually makes it less likely. Let’s face it, they don’t want to see Gavin Lux or Keibert Ruiz coming to town annually for the next decade. That’s only natural across all sports.

We will see what happens, but it’s become a national story with Arenado and the organization that signed him to a long-term extension just a short time ago.

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