Dodgers: Max Muncy Earns High Ranking at First Base From MLB Network

One of these days, we should call Los Angeles Dodgers’ slugger Max Muncy ‘The Swiss Army Knife’. Already named one of the top players in the game as a second baseman by, Muncy has a new publication praising his virtues.

First let’s pause and realize that two years ago right now, we couldn’t even dream up a player like Muncy in existence.

Now, MLB Network ranks Muncy as the second best first baseman in the game; according to their ever-popular ‘Shredder’ and other rankings. You can see the full list of ranked first baseman below.

Here is how MLB Network breaks down the top ten:

  1. Freddie Freeman, Atlanta
  2. Max Muncy, Los Angeles
  3. Pete Alonso, New York (NL)
  4. Anthony Rizzo, Chicago
  5. Paul Goldschmidt, St. Louis
  6. Matt Olson, Oakland
  7. Luke Voit, New York (AL)
  8. Carlos Santana, Philadelphia
  9. Josh Bell, Pittsburgh
  10. Edwin Encarnacion, Chicago (AL)

Indeed, Muncy said recently that proving his 2018 was no fluke was a big deal to him. Currently being ranked amongst the game’s elite at another position proves he’s become a household name.

Honestly – in Dodgers circles – we already knew that. When you think about the offense, the versatility, the 2018 World Series walk-off, the All-Star appearance, the Splash Shot off Bumgarner; all of these things have become Muncy’s calling card.

Perhaps it’s time to realize that Muncy is not just a star within his own clubhouse, but in the entire game of baseball. Undeniably, I think that is the take-home message of this post.

Of course, the great news is Muncy is in his prime years. Therefore, over the next few seasons; the sky is really the limit as to what he can do in the middle of the Dodgers’ order. The fact that he can fill in at a few different positions is just the cherry on the blue sundae.

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